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Pronunciation /ˈkʌltʃəd/

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  • 1Characterized by refined taste and manners and good education.

    ‘a cultured and intelligent man’
    • ‘Refine your consciousness and build self-control through education and cultured activities.’
    • ‘I sometimes feel that people want to keep the theatre as some kind of special preserve for people like them, educated, cultured people; they don't like it when a play packs out the theatre with ordinary people having a good time.’
    • ‘Well, you can consider this as a sort of a rude shock or something similar intended to shake up the generally cultured and refined topics that is normally discussed in the blogging community.’
    • ‘Someone as cultured and educated as you come across being surely can't admire someone as crass and blatantly offensive as him?’
    • ‘Fortunately, while studying in Delhi University I fell in with a crowd of cultured Bengalis, who educated me step by joyous step.’
    • ‘The image of Brits tends to be refined, cultured and polite.’
    • ‘She is from a good family, and is educated, cultured and an extrovert.’
    • ‘How can even an educated and cultured group of people follow the rules when they are not properly defined?’
    • ‘He possessed an excellent character, charming manners and was highly cultured.’
    • ‘These Haitian descendants were cultured, educated, and economically prosperous as musicians, artists, teachers, writers, and doctors.’
    • ‘I thought I was open-minded, thoughtful, yet I really just believed what every other liberal, educated, cultured person I knew believed.’
    • ‘As writers and editors, they wanted clear guidance, a clear distinction between educated, cultured usage, standard American English, and uneducated or vulgar usage.’
    • ‘Would it be fair to say that your cultured upbringing and classical education provided a window on the world about which he had only read and imagined?’
    • ‘Most cases of seventeenth-century witchcraft seemed to occur in villages, not in a busy provincial town with a cultured, educated and wealthy population.’
    • ‘Still, for those without cultured musical taste, the presentation of sight and sound is exceedingly average and sometimes interesting.’
    • ‘When she was still quite young, the Hawthornes soon moved to Europe, where she was nurtured within a warm family circle and given a cultured education.’
    • ‘One was cultured and refined, the other maniacal and giddy.’
    • ‘This would result in a civilizing of the working classes; it would create an educated, cultured, moral, and patriotic public.’
    • ‘Both couples were educated, cultured, and well liked by those who knew them.’
    • ‘Worse, his cultured grammar and dandified manner could be immensely annoying.’
    cultivated, artistically aware, intellectually aware, artistic, enlightened, civilized, educated, well educated, well read, well informed, learned, knowledgeable, discerning, discriminating, with good taste, refined, polished
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  • 2Biology
    (of tissue cells, bacteria, etc.) grown or propagated in an artificial medium.

    ‘cultured tumour cells’
    • ‘The samples tested, including cultured cells, tissue homogenates, and red blood cells, were divided into two aliquots.’
    • ‘The scientists also produced a continuously growing line of cultured embryonic germ cells.’
    • ‘To create the custom-made ligaments, the harvested cells are cultured in vitro in a specially designed bioreactor with a collagen or other suitable biodegradable matrix.’
    • ‘The classical system to study somatic embryogenesis is in cultured cells of carrot.’
    • ‘Uptake activity depends on the growth phase of the cultured cells whereas the culture medium had no effect on uptake.’
    1. 2.1(of a pearl) formed round a foreign body inserted into an oyster.
      ‘Any such attempt will have implications to the tune of thousands of dollars considering the evolving trends in the global cultured pearl industry.’
      • ‘Reasons for the past decline include the effects of the pearl button industry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the cultured pearl industry of the past 50 years.’
      • ‘Native mussel shells are used in the cultured pearl and jewelry industries.’
      • ‘The basket of Indian exports to China comprised mainly iron and steel, ores, plastics, organic chemicals, cotton, mineral fuels, natural or cultured pearls, fish and paper.’
      • ‘But for Elizabeth, love was a word you used to describe cultured pearls and Italian pumps, not misfit daughters who had to be disciplined around every turn of the road.’
      • ‘One is a cultured pearl museum; the other is a marine resort hotel.’
      • ‘Growing demand for cultured pearls in the fashion industry attracts many countries.’
      • ‘An elongated cultured pearl was pressed into the clay and secured with a small rope of copper clay.’
      • ‘However, my recent trip to the aquarium left me stranded in the gift store with a complimentary cultured pearl in my hand and a bad taste in my mouth.’
      • ‘One of the new things to look out for will be South Sea Pearls, a rare variety which is very different from the cultured or natural pearls commonly seen.’
      • ‘But in 1962, diving fishermen motivated by a pearl jewellery boom started the production of cultured Poe Rava pearls.’