Meaning of cultus in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌltəs/

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  • A system or variety of religious worship.

    ‘Mohammed is noted to have hated onions and garlic, and as he was purported to revamp the calendar to a lunar one, we remark that in the cultus of vegetation, worship was paid to onions and garlic, because of their shape, as emblems of the Sun.’
    • ‘But nevertheless, we note that the new cultus was threatening to eliminate the profitable pilgrimages to the pagan shrine.’
    • ‘Perhaps there is also a reference here to the ‘heave-offering’ of the ancient sacrificial cultus.’
    • ‘Each of these nuclei soon gathers a cultus, with the neighbourhood devising elaborate festivities and observances around it.’
    • ‘He was looking in the right direction - cultus - even if his own search ended in disappointment.’


Early 17th century Latin (see cult).