Meaning of cumulatively in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkjuːmjʊlətɪvli/


  • 1In a way that increases in quantity, degree, or force by successive additions.

    ‘success must be measured cumulatively’
    • ‘And, since vampires never die, the numbers are swollen cumulatively.’
    • ‘The repetition and variation of the panels allows for a cumulatively developing awareness of the work.’
    • ‘The robot learns in a developmental fashion, in a piecemeal way, incrementally and cumulatively.’
    • ‘They are designed to be read sequentially and cumulatively, so that the reader gains knowledge in the reading.’
    • ‘A community of philosophers has been asking such questions for centuries, with cumulatively improving methods.’
    • ‘Pliny the Younger also posited that art, like science, evolves cumulatively, except for momentous turning points where many cultures intersect and interact.’
    • ‘The author faults the management literature for being conceptually repetitive and not having developed a consistent language on which to build cumulatively.’
    • ‘This model defines a form of learning that is created by repeated interactions between suppliers and core firms that cumulatively adds to the technological capabilities of the former.’
    • ‘The knowledge of groups of people living in specific environments develops cumulatively across generations through practical engagement with each other and their surroundings.’
    • ‘A growing number of research papers suggest that GM crops may indeed pose non-negligible threats to, or add cumulatively to existing stresses on, human health and/or ecological systems.’
    1. 1.1Taken as a whole; in combination.
      ‘the artworks cumulatively covered 500 years’
      • ‘Under such a scenario GDP growth cumulatively might be 13% or 14%.’
      • ‘The birch block squares cumulatively formed an incomplete square.’
      • ‘Cumulatively, Irish investors in the company have lost about 1.4 billion euros over the last six months.’
      • ‘He hopes that lots of dead ends might appear, cumulatively, like a new direction.’
      • ‘The composer deploys 'hocketing' - alternation of short phrases that cumulatively define an overall melody - with astonishing skill.’
      • ‘Recent revelations that 11 executive directors were cumulatively paid 3.3 million euros in 2002 have caused outrage among staff.’
      • ‘I think I cumulatively got eight hours of sleep over the five days that we were there.’
      • ‘Cumulatively, this decline represents a loss of 10,000 animals, constituting 1/3 of the total population estimated in 1998.’
      • ‘More species have been lost in the last several decades than have been lost cumulatively in the last several millennia.’
      • ‘The effect of these poems is powerful both individually and cumulatively.’