Meaning of cup-and-ring in English:



  • Denoting marks cut in megalithic monuments consisting of a circular depression surrounded by concentric rings.

    ‘What, really, is so brilliant about their white-elephant buildings and endless statues, compared to a leaf-shaped arrowhead or a cup-and-ring marked stone?’
    • ‘She found it was known nationally as a site where there were once ancient cup-and-ring stones and was home to a Bronze Age burial mound.’
    • ‘I should note that I do not support the idea that cup-and-ring patterns are maps of stellar constellations.’
    • ‘Lichen growths also have the further advantage of matching quite well the typical scale of cup-and-ring art.’
    • ‘There are at least nine cup-and-ring motifs with a rough-pecked circular outline and a cupule as the central point.’