Meaning of Cup Final in English:

Cup Final


  • The final match in a sports competition in which the winners are awarded a cup.

    ‘This method works fine where there are one or two significant matches - the Cup Final, European championships, stuff like that.’
    • ‘I mean, can you remember who scored the winner in the '73 Cup Final?’
    • ‘The four losing teams will play in a six-a-side knock out, while the winners will play for the Cup Final.’
    • ‘The league is over, so it's all about the play-offs and the Cup Final for London now.’
    • ‘In the Cup Final, after a penalty that led to a goal had been called against you, you almost immediately set up the tying goal.’
    • ‘The Cup Final was Mum's first outing after giving birth.’
    • ‘He worked his socks of in the European Cup Final in 1999.’
    • ‘Now they have a Cup Final to put the icing on the cake.’
    • ‘There was a time when the season started on September 1 and finished by the first week in May - usually with the Cup Final.’
    • ‘That's about as much as I can think to say about the Cup Final of 2003.’
    • ‘I couldn't go to the Cup Final this year as I was doing a festival in LA.’
    • ‘It's taken me so long to put it together the Cup Final has come and gone, so I better say a few words about it; and a few words is all it deserves.’
    • ‘Of course the average footie fan is normally going to be neutral come the Cup Final but you can't be neutral when it comes to these two clubs.’
    • ‘Then, walking up the tunnel, the noise gives you goosebumps and rams home the massive nature of the Cup Final.’
    • ‘And not even making the bench for the Cup Final must have been like a knife through the heart.’
    • ‘A watershed was the 1883 Cup Final, when Blackburn Olympics beat Old Etonians 2-1.’
    • ‘After a decade of losing, they stormed back to 2-2, won the replay, the Cup Final and four titles in the next fifteen years.’
    • ‘The tension in the final rounds is similar to a penalty shoot-out in a Cup Final.’
    • ‘That team, which progressed to within one win of a European Cup Final, were unbeaten in 22 league games at Ibrox, but they did draw two of those fixtures.’
    • ‘Last Boxing Day the club was due to play in a Cup Final.’
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