Meaning of cup fungus in English:

cup fungus


  • A fungus in which the spore-producing layer forms the lining of a shallow cup.

    Several families in the orders Helotiales and Pezizales, subdivision Ascomycotina

    ‘This fecund cup fungus was grooving along under some aspen trees in a burned area in Alaska.’
    • ‘From the structure of a cup fungus, you will realise that many asci can simultaneously shoot their spores.’
    • ‘You have all probably seen the frog in the cup fungus, but don't be fooled, that doesn't happen in nature.’
    • ‘An interesting fungus in the class Ascomycetes that looks like a cross between a cup fungus and an elfin saddle.’
    • ‘The righteous red waxy cap competes for brightest mushroom with the scarlet cup fungus - and loses.’
    • ‘This tiny cup fungus was on a dead willow twig on the ground covered by fallen leaves to provide a moist microclimate.’
    • ‘The crimson cup fungus is usually found on partially buried branches in the woods.’
    • ‘This brightly colored cup fungus is a harbinger of spring, often fruiting after the majority of mushrooms have disappeared.’
    • ‘It is a cup fungus in the family Sarcosomataceae in the order Pezizales.’
    • ‘Once everything started to grow, there was no growth in any of the rosemary pots and then a strange cup fungus began to grow.’
    • ‘This is a very characteristic spring ascomycete, a cup fungus with strong veining on the upper surface that smells very strongly of chlorine.’