Meaning of cupholder in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌphəʊldə/


  • A device for holding a plastic cup or other drinking container.

    ‘We make no apology for dwelling on the new Passat's cup-holders.’
    • ‘I sometimes have a quarter or two sitting in the cup holder.’
    • ‘Craig Jensen, communications director of AES, hands over a molded cupholder with barely restrained glee.’
    • ‘The centre console also provides a couple of cup holders.’
    • ‘The central back seat can be folded down to provide a useful tray, with two reasonably deep cup holders.’
    • ‘The only thing I missed in its cabin is a cup holder.’
    • ‘I found myself wishing I had cup-holders in my car.’
    • ‘Only the tragic absence of respectable cup-holders needs to be addressed.’
    • ‘Car manufacturers boast of the number of cup holders their models contain.’
    • ‘Excessive force on the second row cup holders will cause them to break free.’
    • ‘There are also two additional cup holders positioned behind the gear lever.’
    • ‘Unlike modern machines, they don't have cupholders, just a small toolbox for quick fixes in the field.’
    • ‘Front seat occupants get their own cup holders which pop out from the centre of the console.’
    • ‘The cup holder should be connected directly to a coffee maker mounted on the seat back.’
    • ‘It contains - count 'em - no fewer than 11 cup holders.’
    • ‘A less happy result for American drivers is that the four cupholders are nothing to write home about.’
    • ‘I know that cup holders in cars have been around for ages.’
    • ‘Most vehicles have cupholders that carry 8-12 oz cups.’
    • ‘The process also allows for part integration, like storage bins, map pockets and cup holders built into door panels.’
    • ‘Dell isn't moving so fast on another customer request: PCs with cupholders.’