Meaning of cuppa in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌpə/

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informal British
  • A cup of tea.

    • ‘a good strong cuppa’
    • ‘Their sales of cups of tea have rocketed by around 500 per cent with more than 450 cuppas being sold nationwide, compared to an average of 90 cups a week sold before the film's release.’
    • ‘When full, the 2ft 5in-high piece can serve 1,024 cuppas - enough to provide half-time sustenance for 93 football teams.’
    • ‘Later on, they go over to Harold's place, where funereal choir music is playing as everyone marches in, white-faced, for cuppas.’
    • ‘When the last load was complete, we made cuppas for everyone using my mum's thoughtfully provided Emergency Tea-Making And Chocolate Biscuit Kit.’
    • ‘He turned down a star birthday bash to spend his big day serving cuppas at Manchester's Christie Hospital.’
    • ‘Steaming hot cuppas, delicate sambo's and tasty treat are all on offer from 10 am to 9pm, for a small donation.’
    • ‘But it does for those cuppas you make just for a distraction.’
    • ‘"I don't drink that much water and I boil the rest for my cuppas, " she said.’
    • ‘On Wednesday at 10 am, after only three cuppas, the verdict came.’
    • ‘They looked dispirited as they trudged off for half-time cuppas but they had a rejuvenated look on the restart and took just seven minutes to draw level.’
    • ‘We need something besides religion and politics to debate over our beers, lattes, cuppas or sports waters.’
    • ‘After serving thousands of cuppas during a 27 year career as an assistant in a cafe she has hung up her apron.’
    • ‘They spend all day making each other cuppas and I always wondered how they all knew what everyone liked.’
    • ‘This was a scrappy affair that came to life after the half - time cuppas.’
    • ‘Laboratory tests found that drinking regular cuppas inhibits the activity of certain enzymes in the brain.’
    • ‘But then, the Tea Council represents the trade and 93 per cent of British cuppas nowadays come from bags.’
    • ‘Enough, we've all had enough of this nonsense and it's time for a strong cuppa.’
    • ‘Besides enjoying a relaxing cuppa while you wait for the kids (much better than sitting in a hot car) why not wander about the nursery or sit on the patio and enjoy the balmy days to come?’
    • ‘We'll also take a close look at the relaxing cuppa.’
    • ‘Worse, there's no café in the store, so you can't even enjoy a cuppa while you're working - not that there's anywhere to put one, in any case.’


informal British
  • Cup of.

    • ‘let's have another cuppa tea’
    • ‘After going around stalls and driving the new model, if you feel like having a cuppa tea or coffee, there's a cafeteria too.’
    • ‘You know, that thing was so nice that I decided to forfeit my usual cuppa Earl Grey tea this morn and I had a second cup of ginger and mint tea with honey just now.’
    • ‘Today I just took an hour for lunch plus a cuppa tea in the afternoon and had done my six hours by 4.30, meaning I could have a little snooze before dinner and not feel too knackered this evening.’
    • ‘A young nurse put me to bed and said: ‘Would you like a nice cuppa tea, dear?’’
    • ‘Anyway, even if this isn't your cuppa tea I'm sure you can appreciate the 70% off sale.’
    • ‘Nothing washes down a scone - I mean cookie - better than a nice cuppa tea.’
    • ‘Not too long ago, while having my cuppa tea and reading thru some of your blog comments, the voice of one of my neighbours diverted my attention.’
    • ‘It is 6am, I am having some Vegemite on toast and a cuppa coffee for brekky and then I am outta here for the day.’
    • ‘Goodness, I think I need to sit down with a cuppa coffee after all that!’
    • ‘I am having my cuppa tea and browsing and came across this article.’
    • ‘I put the kettle on and made us a cuppa tea while I worked out what to do.’
    • ‘They work very hard on the day to make sure all their guests enjoy a good cuppa tea, a cake and a chat.’
    • ‘I eventually made it into the kitchen to make my usual cuppa tea and had Daddy wish me Happy Birthday.’
    • ‘This one is the headline which made me smile while having my cuppa tea this morning.’
    • ‘Why not tell your friends or, better still bring them along for a chat, a cuppa tea or maybe a game of bingo.’
    • ‘Canadian ladies, if he knocks on your door, why not invite him in for a cuppa tea?’
    • ‘After mass all repaired to the Community Centre for a cuppa tea, a chat and a piece of the cake.’
    • ‘This means that half way round you can get a smashing cuppa tea and a feast.’
    • ‘Although the postman changed every few years the custom carried on - until one of them was spotted lingering over his cuppa for 10 minutes last Wednesday.’
    • ‘Then they have a cuppa chamomile tea and go to sleep.’
    beverage, drinkable liquid, potable liquid, liquid refreshment, thirst quencher


1920s alteration.