Meaning of curette in English:


Pronunciation /kjʊˈrɛt/


  • A small surgical instrument used to remove material by a scraping action, especially from the uterus.

    ‘This is when the cervix is dilated and any growths or other material can be removed with a scraping instrument called a curette.’
    • ‘A curette is used to remove the superficial layer of the lesion.’
    • ‘Excess cement is removed with a curette by the surgeon and first assistant.’
    • ‘The superior exostoses can extend deep to the pars flaccida and is best removed with a curette.’
    • ‘Surgery has been used when chemical treatment fails, using a curette (small sharp instrument) to scrape the wart away.’
    • ‘Traditional cement removal tools include chisels, mallets, osteotomes, curettes, rongeurs, and high speed drills and burrs.’
    • ‘If cemented, the surgeon removes the excess cement with curettes and impacts the final head.’
    • ‘These foreign bodies can be removed by irrigation or with a curette.’
    • ‘The surgeon and first assistant remove excess cement around all edges with a plastic curette.’
    • ‘The surgeon uses an osteotome and mallet together with curettes under direct vision in the proximal canal.’
    • ‘Once freed, the tumor is enucleated through the incision using the curette.’
    • ‘A large, blunt curette was used to remove all extraneous muscle and soft tissue from each tendon.’
    • ‘Only a small number of the samples were found to be inadequate compared to 20% when specimens were obtained using curettes.’
    • ‘The surgeon also passes the straight and curved curettes directly into the portal.’
    • ‘But I know the reality of it - having to assess the up-front and personal description of the uterus, the suction, the curette - makes some women reconsider.’
    • ‘Various methods are used to remove cerumen, including irrigation, suction, and manual removal with a curette.’
    • ‘This allows for a direct view into the canal and frees the physicians' hands to hold the light and manipulate the ear curette.’
    • ‘Point support of the nasal valve wall with a wax curette will reverse the collapse.’
    • ‘These include suctioning - where the wax is sucked out of the ear canal using a special vacuuming tool - or gently scraping it out using a small device called a curette.’
    • ‘A curette and 4.5-mm shaver were used to clean out the fracture site so that its edges could be more easily seen.’


[with object]
  • Clean or scrape with a curette.

    ‘the endometrium was curetted’
    • ‘The lesion was excised as a whole, and the cavity was curetted.’
    • ‘The tissue was curetted off the bone and consisted of multiple tan-brown fragments with red friable areas.’
    • ‘He curetted me in his surgery under local anaesthetic and I remember screaming out, ‘I want to go home’, and then I rung up the hospitals to find out is that the usual procedure.’
    • ‘The most commonly employed treatments involve destroying the affected tissue by freezing, burning, curetting (usually with electrodesiccation), or applying topical acids.’
    • ‘The fluid was aspirated and the lesion curetted free of any soft tissue.’


Mid 18th century (as a noun): from French, from curer ‘cleanse’, from Latin curare (see cure).