Meaning of current affairs in English:

current affairs


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plural noun

  • Events of political or social interest and importance happening in the world at the present time.

    ‘I began to take an interest in current affairs’
    • ‘current affairs programmes’
    • ‘He was widely read and took a keen interest in history, current affairs, politics and religion.’
    • ‘He was a great reader and had a strong interest in politics and current affairs.’
    • ‘It's almost enough to interest me in politics, current affairs and Important Stuff.’
    • ‘People interested in current affairs will be aware that in politics, perception is often reality.’
    • ‘He enjoyed the cut and trust of local politics and took an abiding interest in current affairs.’
    • ‘It's not that I am not interested in current affairs because I listen to the news every day.’
    • ‘She enjoyed reading and had a special interest in literature and current affairs.’
    • ‘All such affiliations will be declared at the start of every news bulletin or current affairs programme.’
    • ‘As a kid, watching any TV other than news or current affairs style programmes was very difficult when my Dad was in the house.’
    • ‘The station will broadcast its flagship current affairs programme each weekday morning.’
    • ‘More and more, current affairs programmes are throwing in an interactive element.’
    • ‘All it does is add hundreds of thousands of dollars of costs onto current affairs programmes.’
    • ‘I usually avoid the morning current affairs radio programmes as they annoy me too much.’
    • ‘News and current affairs programmes are considered likely to be worst hit.’
    • ‘Molly was an avid reader and liked to keep herself well informed on current affairs and a wide spectrum of interests.’
    • ‘He was particularly interested in current affairs and also enjoyed sport.’
    • ‘A man of keen intellect, he took an ardent interest in many issues relating to news and current affairs.’
    • ‘The corporation has already suffered a direct hit on its flagship current affairs debate show.’
    • ‘Broadcasters sometimes do this with their news and current affairs programming.’
    • ‘Perhaps the nub of it all was that, just like soap operas, current affairs shows love a wedding.’