Meaning of current density in English:

current density


  • The amount of electric current flowing per unit cross-sectional area of a material.

    ‘‘In certain applications that require high current densities, conductive adhesives still do not measure up to metallic solders,’ he noted.’
    • ‘Scientists later discovered that small, nanoscale defects are required to maintain high current densities in superconductors, particularly in the presence of high magnetic fields.’
    • ‘Electromigration is the drift of metal atoms when the conductor carries high current densities, which can create voids.’
    • ‘By modulating the current density during electrochemical etch, one can generate a complicated porosity gradient in the film.’
    • ‘When a patient's musculature is covered with a thick layer of adipose tissue, impedance increases, requiring a larger dispersive pad surface area to disperse the current density and complete the circuit to the generator.’