Meaning of curser in English:



See curse

‘Such was the experience of a woman who took her future in-laws to meet her parents for the first time. Her in-laws were big cursers, while her own family never swore.’
  • ‘This makes for unsafe highways, road rage and a nation of cursers.’
  • ‘Shakespeare's most virulent cursers are always the most oppressed and powerless.’
  • ‘Oh, by the way, we normally crush the teams that have screamers and cursers for coaches.’
  • ‘Across hemispheres, everyone, British cheerers and Australian cursers both, knew what it meant.’
  • ‘He always had been a screamer, a facemask grabber, a five-star curser, but in Tennessee he stood back.’
  • ‘Most of the time, he was not much of a curser, but there was something to curse about!’