Meaning of cursively in English:



See cursive

‘Sure enough, it was a love heart, with my name scribbled cursively at the top, underlined a few times.’
  • ‘I learned to type before I learned to write cursively and I loathe paper.’
  • ‘I discovered at an early age that it was easier to write backwards cursively than it was to write forwards.’
  • ‘To this day I can not write cursively and the feel of a fountain pen makes me want to twist the nib through the paper.’
  • ‘Although the present method has been developed for the recognition of Arabic scripts, it can be applied equally well for recognizing many other singly and cursively written scripts.’
  • ‘When characters are cursively written, writing motion becomes faster and does not involve any substantial visual feedback to the writer.’
  • ‘I doubt that there is any ‘official’ way to write cursively, it just depends upon how you were taught and how you developed your own style as you got older.’
  • ‘The cursive connection feature type is used for cursively connected scripts to specify whether or not cursive connections are to be used between glyphs.’
  • ‘Is it possible to determine if 2 clusters are cursively connected?’
  • ‘It is a system for scanning and segmenting cursively handwritten words into basic strokes.’