Meaning of cursoriness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkəːs(ə)rɪnəs/


See cursory

‘I am struck by the almost universal cursoriness of physical examinations by today's physicians.’
  • ‘There is no ambivalence in his treatment of that primal emotion, but a cursoriness and uneasiness to his approach.’
  • ‘The implication of leisureliness, cursoriness, or haste is therefore not a recent development, although it is usually found in less formal contexts and is less frequent in earlier use.’
  • ‘Or, do you really know what you're promoting and you're not really telling the truth about your reading's cursoriness?’
  • ‘It is with a view to the cursoriness of the allusions to it in the New Testament that it has been remarked that ‘the doctrine of the Trinity is not so much heard as overheard in the statements of Scripture.’’