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Pronunciation /ˈkəːs(ə)ri/

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  • Hasty and therefore not thorough or detailed.

    ‘a cursory glance at the figures’
    • ‘He gave the crowded room a quick cursory glance, and spotted the uniforms in the corner.’
    • ‘A cursory glance through the annals of history will prove this beyond doubt.’
    • ‘Plus, a cursory glance across the water shows that difficulties with stadiums are far from being unique to Ireland.’
    • ‘As for his newest project, even a cursory glance at the property had his creative juices flowing.’
    • ‘A cursory glance at the headlines suggests he has more interviews to conduct before anybody starts to believe him.’
    • ‘What I couldn't understand were the others who gave the news pictures a cursory glance, and then went back to work.’
    • ‘But even the most cursory of glances at The Canterbury Tales will convince you that this is hardly new.’
    • ‘At a cursory glance 150,000 euro seems an awful lot of money to pay for one acre.’
    • ‘This sounds more like something one of her characters might say than the evidence of even the most cursory glance in the mirror.’
    • ‘They don't throw me even so much as the most cursory glance, before deciding that I'm too old for their club night.’
    • ‘Even a cursory glance at the business news illustrates what he means.’
    • ‘The fibre doors flap in the stiff wind; a cursory glance is enough to tell me the toilets are yet to be used.’
    • ‘A cursory glance at a Greek concordance will quickly show that Mary is never spoken of in this way.’
    • ‘At a cursory glance it is clear to see the potential of such a handsome space.’
    • ‘Novelty bands are ten a penny, as even the most cursory glance at the charts on either side of the Atlantic will show you.’
    • ‘This objection was very relevant, as even a cursory glance of the novel will prove.’
    • ‘It moved to cross the road, and gave a cursory glance left, then right, then stepped out into oblivion.’
    • ‘I sailed through the checks with security staff giving the contents of my bag no more than a cursory glance.’
    • ‘Just a cursory glance at the brochure gives an idea of the immense undertaking this is.’
    • ‘Believe it or not, there wasn't a single piece worth more than a cursory glance.’
    perfunctory, desultory, casual, superficial, token, uninterested, half-hearted, inattentive, unthinking, offhand, mechanical, automatic, routine
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Early 17th century from Latin cursorius ‘of a runner’, from cursor (see cursor).