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curtain wall

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  • 1A fortified wall around a medieval castle, typically one linking towers together.

    ‘The DeBohun family held the castle for over two centuries and enlarged it with a curtain wall, towers and an impressive entranceway, influenced by the design of fortifications in the Holy Land.’
    • ‘The curtain wall nearest to the castle would have been the highest to give the defenders the maximum height advantage over those attempting to take over the castle.’
    • ‘Will stepped beside her and admired the castle's curtain wall and towers with pretty flags atop them.’
    • ‘Our quarters are pretty fortified; there's a 12-foot high Jersey barrier wall, kinda like a medieval curtain wall, all around the perimeter of the CHU area.’
    • ‘The drawbridge was lowered and the four knights rode into the gatehouse and through the curtain wall of the castle.’
    • ‘Under the moonlight, a dozen of knights were guarding by the drawbridge, which was the only exit out of the curtain wall surrounding the castle.’
    • ‘The sales brochure describes it as the oldest inhabited castle in Ireland, surrounded by four towers and a high curtain wall 300 yards in length.’
    • ‘Round towers on a keep or on a curtain wall assisted defence as it was believed that any form of missile thrown or catapulted at the castle would deflect off of a rounded surface.’
    • ‘The Tower - in reality an impregnable medieval fortress surrounded by a double curtain wall - was looking benign beneath a warm summer sun.’
    • ‘Different from many of the other Norman strongholds in Wales, this block of buildings was built as an integral part of the curtain wall rather than as a free-standing structure.’
    • ‘The old city walls began as early Viking earthen banks and timber fences in the 9th and 10th centuries, followed by a stone curtain wall built by the Hiberno-Norse in the 12 th century.’
    • ‘Into the shadow of the Castle he walked, steadily and swiftly; he arrived at the great open doors of the curtain wall.’
    • ‘The curtain wall around the town was not very imposing, in fact it was rather pathetic.’
    • ‘Tantallon Castle, with its impressive 14th century curtain wall, is also worth a visit.’
    1. 1.1A wall which encloses the space within a building but does not support the roof.
      ‘The new building is an abstraction of its arboreal neighbours, a seven-storey block encased on the street side by a linear screen of timber mullions that support a glass curtain wall.’
      • ‘The firm has now published a comprehensive guide to its curtain wall and roof glazing systems, a guide developed to help architects incorporate the latest innovations in steel glazing technology into their designs.’
      • ‘Near the pointed corner, an external pylon bears steel beams that pierce the curtain wall to support the staircase landings inside.’
      • ‘A ‘glass veil’ made of a curtain wall of glass blocks enclose the main volume.’
      • ‘The next step in the evolution of these double-skin walls was to integrate such decentralized environmental control systems within the standard curtain wall thickness.’
      • ‘At the south end, the curtain wall is supported by architecturally exposed trusses that span vertically up to 55 ft.’
      • ‘The curtain wall loses its glazing and swoops beyond the interior spaces to denote the building's public entrance.’
      • ‘The north edges of these floors are suspended from the roof cantilever above and stop short of the curtain wall.’
      • ‘Using the language of the industrial curtain wall, the architects developed a steel frame that floats in front of the existing building.’
      • ‘The curtain wall is given a playful variety through multi-hued curtains, sun-protective blinds, and exterior garden terraces.’
      • ‘To the west you step down into the double-height living room where a glass curtain wall gives onto a terrace from which you can survey the beach.’
      • ‘To welcome drop-offs on the land side, curbside canopies reach out beyond the canted curtain wall, and sheltering steel grids swoop and fly over drop-off areas with high-tech exuberance.’
      • ‘The lack of an opaque spandrel at the two floor levels creates a gap between the curtain wall and the floors and helps bring much-appreciated daylight down to the ground level of the north-facing enclosed space.’
      • ‘The perimeter has an aluminum structure and a double-glass curtain wall.’
      • ‘The glassy expanse of the curtain wall opens the concourse areas to the sky and the drama of arriving and departing aircraft.’
      • ‘A curtain wall with a Mondrian-style composition of glass makes up most of the north and south fronts.’
      • ‘Uplighter trays are accommodated in a linear reveal along the mid-soffit spine and in the curtain wall transom.’
      • ‘One of the largest segments of the construction market is the aluminum curtain wall industry.’
      • ‘The kitchen occupies the east side of the house, where a curtain wall ushers in morning light.’
      • ‘The facade is like a double curtain wall - one layer made of glass and another of posts, beams, and a shed overhang.’