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Pronunciation /ˈkəːtnəs/

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‘And sorry for the curtness - I appreciate Lindsey's challenge, and think it's very cool that he's posting about this stuff, but I'm trying to be really brief and I apologize if that comes off wrong.’
  • ‘Employing that odd mixture of world weariness and curtness that has become your trademark - the sigh, the swift turning of the back and a clipped phrase delivered over the shoulder as you aim for the door - you damned the whole lot of us.’
  • ‘Even in the latter vocation, however, his famous curtness has caused him to sound the odd ordinary note.’
  • ‘‘May I help you? ‘he asked, and the curtness of the words implied how little help he felt obliged to give.’’
  • ‘Ninety-six percent of all objectives were fulfilled, there were fewer anomalies than on any previous mission, and evidence suggests that the inclusion of a woman relaxed the crew and softened the curtness in conversation.’
  • ‘In particular, psychologists find, employees are angered by curtness, surprise announcements, perceived unfairness, dishonesty and public humiliation.’
  • ‘He couldn't get his mind off the sudden appearance, and disappearance, of the two travelers, and the curtness of the woman's remark rang endlessly in his head.’
  • ‘Unfazed by the Master's curtness, the guard continued.’
  • ‘The Texan's translation was ‘no gifts’ and he delivered the phrase with the curtness of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry.’
  • ‘Still for the most part, the Dolby Digital Stereo sonics capture the roar of the crowd and the curtness of the commentary very well.’
  • ‘Puzzled, and a little put off by his curtness, Texas felt a little ‘disinclined to acquiesce to his request’.’
  • ‘‘Tamora,’ he greeted, without a hint of his curtness, voice full of humour.’
  • ‘He responded with a fumbling curtness, repeating her earlier reply.’
  • ‘She answered shortly, sure that she could afford curtness toward her father when she was in the middle of making him money.’
  • ‘When they answer the phone to take a booking they do so with bored curtness and stipulate exactly when you must arrive, even though when you do arrive the place is far from full.’
  • ‘I could tell that my father felt the same; it was evident in the curtness of his acknowledging nod.’
  • ‘She would shout with a shrill curtness that made even the mush seem warm.’
  • ‘There was that curtness again but this time he matched with his own attempt at changing the subject.’
  • ‘Jack then closed the curtness with a smile as he stood up to a more formal position.’
  • ‘I will try and find a balance somewhere between the curtness and detail.’