Meaning of curvaceously in English:



See curvaceous

‘The guitars and drums and samples and vocals gently twist and unfurl, billowing curvaceously like a sheet on a washing line.’
  • ‘The Frazetta style - those sinewy muscular, brutish male figures; the curvaceously big-thighed women; the hulking beasts and colorfully roiling skies - became an inexorable part of fantasy illustration.’
  • ‘And perhaps most entertaining is the opus of the pub dwellers, ‘The Landlord's Daughter ‘- a picture perfect description of Britt Ekland's curvaceously troublesome character, it is recommended for a great laugh.’’
  • ‘As a sculpture, Dune looked like a miniaturized retro-futurist Miami Beach resort (Fernandez is a native Floridian), featuring banks of stacked balconies and a curvaceously swept-back profile.’
  • ‘In Greek mythology alone there's Athena, the splitting-headache of Zeus, bursting forth as an adult clad in armor, and Aphrodite, who was curvaceously at the age of consent when she surfed in on the half-shell.’
  • ‘On the top floor, the dragon is in the air, with writhing translucent light-filled ceilings and walls curvaceously sculpted to make benches, cupboards and seats.’
  • ‘An hour later, Serena came out, in a tiny black mini-dress that was downright sexy, hugging her body curvaceously.’
  • ‘The carbon fiber scales have been curvaceously cut out to both accent the handle and enhance the grip.’