Meaning of curvilinearly in English:



See curvilinear

‘These developmental events increased either curvilinearly or linearly as temperature increased from a minimum of about 15°C, depending on the phenological event.’
  • ‘The 15 N values of these algae, on the other hand, linearly or curvilinearly decreased from 18 to 12 with increasing distance from the shoreline, indicating the difference in nitrogen sources available to macroalgae.’
  • ‘However, family members conceptualize cohesion such that it is linearly related to family functioning whereas outside observers appear to conceptualize cohesion as being curvilinearly related to family functioning.’
  • ‘Ecologists, taking their cue from nature, think in terms of cycles, while economists are more likely to think linearly, or curvilinearly.’
  • ‘Mullet has a fusiform body shape with a pronounced tail fin, and generates a body wave with an amplitude increasing curvilinearly towards the tail.’
  • ‘Following an increase in PFD, NP increased curvilinearly, reaching a maximum after approx.35 min.’