Meaning of cushaw in English:



(also cushaw squash)
  • A large winter squash of a variety with a curved neck.

    ‘Make this very colorful main dish with any type of winter squash such as butternut, cushaw, kabocha, acorn, delicata or hubbard.’
    • ‘In a 1-gallon stock pot, boil the cushaw in lightly sweetened water until tender but not mushy.’
    • ‘Southern tribes raised winter crooknecks, cushaws, and green and white striped sweet potato squashes.’
    • ‘Pony rides are $3; pumpkins are $1 - $3; straw, gourds, cushaws and corn shocks are also available.’
    • ‘Seeds of green-and-white-striped cushaw squash are toasted for snacks or ground to prepare Pipian sauces.’
    • ‘The cushaw squares may be further decorated with the candy corn once they have been removed from the oven.’
    • ‘The main thing with the cushaws is that they refused to drop their blossoms in the heat like the other pumpkins and squash.’
    • ‘Stir together the mashed cushaw and cream; add beaten eggs.’
    • ‘She sells her cushaw pies at the Tuesday Crescent City Farmers Market and at the Saturday Red Stick Farmers Market in Baton Rouge.’
    • ‘Inside the open market you will find cushaws, hubbard, acorn, and butternut squash.’
    • ‘Whether it is a bowl of mini-pumpkins on a table, a stack of cushaws, luminas and blue hubbards by the front door, or a traditional Jack-o-lantern, there is no easier way to decorate for the season.’
    • ‘We decided to not only offer mums and pumpkins in the fall, but also add cushaws, Indian corn, Indian popcorn, broom corn, and gourds.’
    • ‘Sandhill Preservation Center has a couple of cushaws.’
    • ‘Do the same with the neck section of the cushaw.’
    • ‘They are a lot of fun to grow along with the cushaws.’
    • ‘I believe the squash that you are referring to may also be called a cushaw squash.’
    • ‘Cultivars include most of the cushaws, ‘Gila Cliff Dweller’, the silver-seeded gourds, and many of the sweet potato squashes and potato pumpkins’
    • ‘This book is also about hog-killing and smokehouses, about making lye hominy and gathering wild greens, about ramps and cushaws and leather-britches, about cracklin’ bread and corn-cob jelly, whistle pig and poke sallet, apple butter and stack cakes.’’
    • ‘Cucurbita mixta includes many of the traditional winter squashes known as cushaws, which have been grown since early times from Guatemala to the southwestern U.S. Members of this species are drought-tolerant and their flesh is generally paler, stringier and less sweet than other types of squash.’
    • ‘Beautiful large curved neck reaching only 5 to 10 lb. Same flesh qualities as the green striped and other cushaw squash without the enormous size, so perfect for home gardener and market grower alike. 15 seeds avg. - $2.39’



/ˈkuːʃɔː/ /kʊˈʃɔː/


Late 17th century of unknown origin.