Meaning of cushion capital in English:

cushion capital


  • A capital resembling a cushion pressed down by a weight, seen particularly in Romanesque churches.

    ‘Decoration is a mixture of Islamic geometric patterns fused with more typical Coptic portraits and Aksumite cushion capitals.’
    • ‘Inside, the chancel arch is Norman in inspiration with its cushion capitals and chevron decoration.’
    • ‘Windows were deeply recessed into the exposed masonry walls with stone cushion capitals between them.’
    • ‘The outer band is carried on jamb shafts with cushion capitals, one carved with a pair of birds.’
    • ‘The jambs are shafted and have moulded bases and cushion capitals enriched with beads.’
    • ‘The newel of the main stair echoes in oak the foliate pattern of the carved granite cushion capitals of the porch.’
    • ‘Plain plastered walls are a foil for the sandstone columns which support round-headed arches springing from cushion capitals to form arcades into the aisle and transept.’
    • ‘The South Aisle forms part of the original 12 th century construction; the Arcade having three semi-circular arches of two plain orders with cushion capitals irregularly carved with scalloping.’
    • ‘This formed a plinth for a two-story colonnade of massive Norman piers whose squashed cushion capitals were carved with writhing sea monsters.’
    • ‘The most widespread types in C12 England were forms derived from the block capital of Byzantine origin; the cushion capital and its cousin, the scallop capital.’
    • ‘The beam of the rood loft has long ago disappeared but you can see where its ends rested, for there are still the deep gashes cut for this purpose in the cushion capitals of the pillars.’
    • ‘Built at the same time as the castle by Newburgh, it featured the usual style of massive pillars, with cushion capitals supporting the main arches.’
    • ‘Here the arches are very simply constructed and there is a minimum of decoration, but the cushion capital typical of the Anglo-Norman style is in evidence.’
    • ‘The pillars consist of fluted columns standing on square bases, and are crowned with fluted cushion capitals.’
    • ‘In the rockery of the garden are a number of worked stones of C12 date including moulded bases, cushion capitals, half round shafts and a gargoyle.’
    • ‘The doorway has a semicircular arch of three moulded orders, the two inner on jamb shafts with cushion capitals, the outer resting on extended imposts.’
    • ‘The otherwise plain interior was articulated and enlivened using architectural features including engaged columns with cushion capitals, protruding cornices, and ribbed vaulting.’
    • ‘The simple but attractive vaulting, the cushion capitals, the rough whitewashed masonry: it all seems touchingly human in scale after the celestial vastness of upstairs.’
    • ‘The Tuscan Order is the most simple of all, using no fluting, a flat cushion capital, and no ornamentation in the architrave.’
    • ‘The tower has three Norman arches on clustered shafts with cushion capitals, two Norman windows over the western arch and ornamental arcading.’