Meaning of cusk in English:



another term for torsk
  • ‘‘Back then, there was lots of groundfish,’ Bud recalls, ‘and we salted cod, hake, and cusk for the West Indies market, and also sold herring fillets in the States.’’
  • ‘Burbot, commonly referred to as ‘cusk,’ is the only truly freshwater member of the cod family, Gadidae.’
  • ‘Cusk eels and catfish eels are not true eels, but species of fish which bear some resemblance to eels, although more to cusk and catfish respectively.’
  • ‘Once the cusk is cooked, it has a chewy texture similar to that of monkfish, although not quite as firm.’
  • ‘But the cusk is not fastidious as to bait, accepting clams, cockles, and herring readily.’
  • ‘You can have sea bass, lobster, herring, turbot, sturgeon cusks, haddock, mullet, eels, crabs, oysters and mussels.’
  • ‘There was also a few hake, cusks and a few lone small tilefish were caught.’
  • ‘The largest angler-caught cusk recorded in Maine was 18 pounds 8 ounces.’
  • ‘During Saturday and Sunday they managed to land a couple rainbows, 3 salmon (released of course), a couple suckers, a number of lakers including a very nice 30 inch fish that I saw, and a few cusks.’


Early 17th century of unknown origin.