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‘Rajasthani palaces with their open-sided rooms and fluid spaces were admirably adapted to the hot, dry climate, and the ornamental features such as cusped arches and bangladar roofs represent a fusion of Hindu and Mughal styles.’
  • ‘The mihrab arch was cusped into the same trefoil shape as the club-symbol on a pack of playing cards, while the capitals were carved with a band of kufic commemorating the building of the mosque eight hundred years previously.’
  • ‘In the older bazaars, the great cusped gateways of the old Hyderabadi havelis still stand, but now lead nowhere, except to a half-built matrix of foundations and concrete piles.’
  • ‘A few cusped arches and some broken pillars were all that was left of what had clearly once been a rather magnificent structure.’
  • ‘Soon came bolder, larger forms using stone spokes (hence ‘wheels’), or small, cusped roundels set in a ring, like an old telephone dial.’
  • ‘In an era of height classes, he dominated his fellow short men, and his sharply cusped biceps and deeply horseshoed triceps dwarfed those of much taller bodybuilders.’
  • ‘The central arch at Ajmer is straighter - Tudor Gothic - and the side arches are multifoil and cusped, a common feature in other Islamic work outside India.’
  • ‘The architectural moldings divide the wall into rectangular fields and cusped trefoils, rigorously inscribed by straightedge and compass.’
  • ‘The boss at the center of the vault, arranged as a decorative six-pointed star with cusped tracery, here provides the sculptural element.’
  • ‘It turns out that there were crocodiles with multiple cusped teeth.’
  • ‘Here the cusped arches open to the playful breeze and the women whiled away their time here.’