Meaning of custard powder in English:

custard powder


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mass noun
  • A preparation of flavoured cornflour for making custard.

    ‘For the vanilla, we mixed the gelatin with some custard powder nominally of that flavour.’
    • ‘Other products in India include mango cereal flakes, mango custard powder, and mango toffee.’
    • ‘She doesn't sell French farmhouse cheeses or fresh bread, but British staples, including English tea, Marmite, custard powder, mint sauce and British-style bangers and bacon.’
    • ‘However I still like to make up the one using custard powder, milk and sugar (follow instructions on the packet) Whisk it smooth, and when cold add a little whipped cream as suggested in the recipe.’
    • ‘So I had to resort to manufacturing it from powdered milk spiced with a touch of custard powder and warmed ever so slightly in the microwave.’
    • ‘Scuba excursions are planned for summer (our winter) from there when the sea is calm and the visibility doesn't resemble custard powder in a blender.’
    • ‘Milk puddings were served most days in the week - rice, tapioca, sago and semolina puddings, junket made with Rennet, and yellow coloured custard made with Edmonds custard powder.’
    • ‘I miss my family and my friends, but there is nothing that I can't find here… stuff like rooibos tea and Milo and custard powder I bring with me when I visit!’
    • ‘To understand how these techniques work, suppose that solid particles, such as custard powder, grain or coal dust, are blown along a plastic pipe.’
    • ‘Make a thin paste of the custard powder with a little water.’
    • ‘Dissolve the custard powder in little cold milk and add to the hot milk.’