Meaning of customary right in English:

customary right


New Zealand
  • A right of Maori people to engage in traditional practices, as protected by the Treaty of Waitangi.

    ‘they argue they have a customary right to hunt the pigeons’
    • ‘At the moment, Maori can claim through the courts various customary rights.’
    • ‘Don't forget the revolutionary Foreshore and Seabed Act which guaranteed New Zealanders complete ownership rights and disregarded indigenous customary rights.’
    • ‘So the chance of any Maori making a successful claim to ownership of water under Maori customary rights is just laughable.’
    • ‘When asked if he was exercising customary rights to the fishery, he said he was receiving legal advice.’
    • ‘Some local iwi are considered to have customary rights over it as an ancestral site.’
    • ‘The aim was to recognize and enforce communities' legal and customary rights to make decisions concerning their local, traditional resources.’
    • ‘Under the last Labour government there were attacks on Tuhoe, foreshore and seabed legislation which stripped Maori of customary rights, and participation in the 'war on terror'.’
    • ‘Since then, scholarship has helped to illuminate the importance of customary rights, of grazing commons, and of indigenous commons, notes Linebaugh.’
    • ‘Parliament's resolution of the foreshore and seabed issue has upheld that principle, declaring the tidal zone to be public domain where customary rights can be asserted but no group has exclusive use.’
    • ‘The Act gave Maori the right to exercise some customary rights over some areas of coastal New Zealand, but not the power to either own it or prevent others from using or accessing it.’