Meaning of customizable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌstəmʌɪzəb(ə)l/


(also British customisable)
  • Able to be modified to suit a particular individual or task.

    ‘a customizable keyboard designed with the gamer in mind’
    • ‘Online you can set up games on any of the maps with a host of customizable options for up to 16 gamers.’
    • ‘I like the new interface, the customizable interface in particular.’
    • ‘Your character's look is also highly customizable, endearing the game to you early on.’
    • ‘They offer a conveniently packaged, flexible, customizable investment tool in a single, fee-based account.’
    • ‘Hand made, the guitar is customizable with your choice of any strings for no additional charge.’
    • ‘The website has a wealth of searchable, customizable nutrition information.’
    • ‘The payroll module is completely customisable for each company's unique requirements to accommodate virtually any payroll from the most basic to the most complex.’
    • ‘The company offers customizable benefits packages.’
    • ‘Even the menus have a slick design and are nicely customizable in terms of color scheme.’
    • ‘The accounts system is extremely user friendly and fully customisable for the small businesses, home office and self-employed market.’