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customs union


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  • A group of states that have agreed to charge the same import duties as each other and usually to allow free trade between themselves.

    ‘Yet nineteenth-century free-trade experiments across nation-states were short-lived, while early customs unions were specific to regions within nation states.’
    • ‘Various free trade agreements and customs unions had existed between individual European countries during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.’
    • ‘Trade experts have expressed concern over the economic implications duo membership in customs unions for countries that have duo membership in the regional bodies such as SADC and COMESA.’
    • ‘This integration would entail a number of agreements, including ones for common trade, customs unions, energy, and resource policies.’
    • ‘European Union delegation leader Dr Jochen Krebbs said in an interview that Zambia and other countries that belong to both organisations will have to decide on one regional group because a country cannot belong to two customs unions.’
    • ‘He said Zambia could not belong to two customs unions but had enough time to decide to which of the unions it could belong before the two were effected.’
    • ‘In the following years, a customs union with the European Union was prepared and implemented in 1996.’
    • ‘As neofunctionalists would point out, the Union has developed from a free trade area to a customs union; from a customs union to a single market; and from a single market to an economic and monetary union.’
    • ‘Despite these conflicts between the intergovernmental and the federal conceptions, the customs union was completed by July 1968, earlier than the treaty required.’
    • ‘Being excepted from a range of EU fiscal regulations (for example, the levying of value added and sales taxes), it is not part of the European customs union, nor is it subject to the common agricultural policy.’
    • ‘Gibraltarians cannot vote in EU elections and it is excluded from the common agricultural policy and the customs union.’
    • ‘The ideas of a European customs union or even a United States of Europe were discussed in these circles at the turn of the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘The Treaty of Rome, ratified in 1958, foresaw in the creation of the European Economic Community, a customs union rather than a free trade association and thus based on the ideas of J. W. Beyen.’
    • ‘Later, the 1707 Union of England and Scotland, though highly contentious, embodied a customs union with equalization of duty on designated items, including an enhanced malt tax, which caused riots in Scotland.’
    • ‘The economic constructs of the Monnetists, from the European Coal and Steel Community to the customs union, were all flawed to some degree.’
    • ‘Turkey's entrance into a customs union agreement with the European Union in 1995 facilitated trade with EU countries.’
    • ‘But a simple customs union is not sufficient for the task of promoting the consolidation of European capital and defending the interests of European capitalists.’
    • ‘Such common policies are central to the successful implementation of the broader goal of economic union as well as the efficient operation of the customs union.’
    • ‘Israel could then form a customs union or perhaps an economic market with its neighbor to the east.’
    • ‘The first step was to create a common market, which includes the free movement of goods, persons and capital, a customs union and common policies in agriculture and transport over the medium to longer term.’