Meaning of cut-down in English:



  • Reduced in scope or length.

    ‘it's a cut-down version of a DTP program’
    • ‘The naturists’ preferred sport is mini-ten, a cut-down version of tennis.’
    • ‘We lose, we pay you whatever you want for a cut-down version and no tech support.’
    • ‘It's only when mums and dads dress their offspring as cut-down versions of themselves that those same vanities start to become a little worrying.’
    • ‘Next, write a cut-down version of your main index template.’
    • ‘Sibelius has expanded its product line, but a cut-down version appears to be something it refuses to produce.’
    • ‘A cut-down version finally went out the following year as the bottom half of a double bill.’
    • ‘Interminable arguments raged over the legitimacy of his custom-made body suit, and whether he would wear the full outfit or some cut-down version.’
    • ‘Possible remedies could include a big fine or, more problematic, an order to Microsoft to sell a cut-down version of Windows in Europe.’
    • ‘Yes, yes, we've had numerous people point out that the AOL browser is just a cut-down version of Internet Explorer.’
    • ‘In the end, power does not rest in parliament, still less in its cut-down version in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘The weapon was an air rifle with no butt and a cut-down barrel.’
    • ‘En route into the ground, I paused briefly to watch a contest between two youth teams, each kitted out in the colours of United, each battling away within the tighter confines of their cut-down pitch.’
    • ‘Basically, it is exactly the same as my cut-down saxophone maintenance device, except better sized.’
    • ‘His skill is to suggest that his operation is that of a book club and to buy run-ons of current bestsellers direct from the publishers at cut-down prices.’
    • ‘In fact, it's simply a Motorola phone with cut-down iTunes software bolted on; a king's head on a donkey's body.’
    • ‘Fleming's favourite, the famous Smith and Wesson with the cut-down trigger guard, was already gone.’
    • ‘Young Tom was only six at the time and had just received his first golf club, a cut-down six-iron with history attached.’
    • ‘That is to say, a cut-down PC is of very limited use in the role that is suggested.’
    • ‘The side panel was later attached using cut-down 1/4 ‘socket head screws, after re-tapping all the side holes.’’
    • ‘I mean, but still, even though, a cut-down package we couldn't get across the Senate floor, after we passed it in the House, and that's unfortunate.’
    abridged, shortened, cut, cut-down, concise, contracted, compressed, abbreviated, reduced, truncated