Meaning of cut-throat razor in English:

cut-throat razor



  • A razor having a long blade set in a handle, usually folding like a penknife.

    North American term straight razor

    ‘He was so hard - he had two little pockets sewn into the end of his coat sleeves… And in those little pockets he hid two razor sharp, cut-throat razors.’
    • ‘I paused as he put down the clippers and picked up his razor - a steel cut-throat razor like something out of a fifties gangster movie.’
    • ‘The local men always had the barber shave them in that period, with the cut-throat razor as the stainless steel Gillette or Wilkinson blades were not around then and Philishaves were not very plentiful yet.’
    • ‘Visually, it's full of wonderful detail: bubbling Bialetti's on the stove; lovely lettering adorning cinemas and public buildings; heavy revolvers, cut-throat razors and more gloomy, smoky, rain-soaked streets.’
    • ‘She said: ‘Some customers who remember getting their hair cut at the shop when they were children, have even been bringing in old cut-throat razors and other items that have gone on display in the window.’’
    • ‘Although the Italians are famous for their hairdressing skills, I prefer not to get my hair cut in Italy because they often show off by doing it with cut-throat razors or perform some unnecessary extra service.’
    • ‘The prosecuting counsel held up two vicious-looking, cut-throat razors for everyone in a packed Kingston Magistrates' court to see.’
    • ‘The most emotionally intense love song in the piece is the rapturous hymn delivered by Sweeney to his precious cut-throat razors.’
    • ‘In the old days of cut-throat razors, informers were punished with the ‘mark of the nark’.’
    • ‘Barber Pete Baugh, who shaves customers with a traditional cut-throat razor, says the cream is ‘smashing stuff’ and he uses it every day.’
    • ‘And as I lay back in the seat looking at the cut-throat razor in his hand, I thought, ‘ooh, this is new’.’
    • ‘A disabled man was today being hunted by detectives after he failed to appear in court to be sentenced for slashing a have-a-go hero with a cut-throat razor.’
    • ‘‘Hot towels, massage and the art of using a cut-throat razor safely,’ says smoothie Shaz.’
    • ‘A mugger who slashed a man with a cut-throat razor after he chased him through the streets of Bradford has been warned he faces a long jail sentence.’
    • ‘This little ditty oft quoted by my granddad while shaving with his cut-throat razor came winging its way from out of my dim and distant past.’
    • ‘But I have this perverse desire to be shaved with a cut-throat razor - by an expert.’
    • ‘If they are so bloody good, why don't they make cut-throat razors with serrated edges?’
    • ‘The hairdresser massaged Peter's scalp during the wash, and was very careful using the cut-throat razor to tidy up.’
    • ‘The cut-throat razor hovers inches above his neck for a little too long.’
    • ‘At this point I open my flick-knife or cut-throat razor.’