Meaning of cut a — figure in English:

cut a — figure


  • Present oneself or appear in a particular way.

    ‘David has cut a dashing figure on the international social scene’
    • ‘The bride is beautiful in her white dress, the groom cuts a dashing figure in his tuxedo, most everybody else looks quite fancy.’
    • ‘Dressed in a spectacular brown, black and yellow Paisley patterned shirt, Mandela cut a dashing figure next to Sophie who chose a stylish powder-blue dress with low-heeled brown court shoes.’
    • ‘Tall, blond and muscular, he cut a dashing figure and was nicknamed ‘Doc’ because of his striking resemblance to the pulp magazine hero Doc Savage.’
    • ‘Aidan cut a dashing figure in his black tuxedo and emerald green cummerbund.’
    • ‘Does he cut a dashing figure against the grey landscape of drab suits?’
    • ‘The government has not realised that it is cutting a sorry figure by ignoring its capital.’
    • ‘She speaks softly but intently, cutting a striking figure in black knee-length boots with her prominent features framed by jet black hair.’
    • ‘Yet he is reasonably photogenic, cutting a dapper figure in a Western business suit.’
    • ‘Even before her de-mobilisation, the Avon Lady was already cutting a nostalgic figure.’
    • ‘Petite and athletic, she cuts an attractive figure among the lads at the Fighting Cocks’