Meaning of cut a tooth in English:

cut a tooth


  • (of a baby) have a tooth appear through the gum.

    ‘a feast to celebrate a son cutting his first tooth’
    • ‘In further breaking news, he cut a tooth last night.’
    • ‘If your baby has cut a tooth, or more than one tooth, you will need to begin cleaning that as well.’
    • ‘The last two nights have been worse, because he's cutting a tooth or two and has developed a cold.’
    • ‘The only way that you can be sure that a child is ready to process food is if they have cut a tooth.’
    • ‘Its common for little ones to start to cut a tooth and then it recedes back into the gums so its hard to say when its going to come through.’
    • ‘For one baby cutting a tooth might happen painlessly overnight, while another child might have to go through a more drawn out and painful experience.’
    • ‘Some babies become very fussy and irritable while others have no problems at all; you may not even know your baby has cut a tooth until she flashes you a toothy grin.’
    • ‘It never even crossed my mind, because he's only about 11 weeks, and I didn't cut a tooth until I was nine months old.’
    • ‘When he was about to cut a tooth, he would be more inclined to bite.’
    • ‘Let us tell you by e-mail about daily events, like about the first time they crawl, cut a tooth, or pee on the doctor's face during a check up.’