Meaning of cut a wide swathe in English:

cut a wide swathe


North American
  • Attract a great deal of attention by trying to impress others.

    ‘After cutting a wide swath through dance music's hardest-hitting genres, Jackal & Hyde had such an itch to succeed that the duo plunged ahead and created its own brand of block-rocking sound.’
    • ‘So, when you think about, it really cuts a wide swathe of people.’
    • ‘Blockhead's instrumentals cut a wide swath away from his other contemporaries.’
    • ‘Tavisome and Brodde in front of me have spread out to nearly a sword's length apart, and are cutting a wide swath through the enemy.’
    • ‘Now soy devotees are making more health claims - not approved by a government agency but based on dozens of scientific studies - that soy cuts a wide swath of health benefits flint shouldn't be ignored.’
    • ‘His repertoire cuts a wide swath, from low key ‘still waters’ styles to edgy creations with unmistakable attitude.’
    • ‘While focusing on a narrowly defined data set, he manages to produce a volume that cuts a wide swath through the history of the motion picture industry.’
    • ‘This area will cut a wide swathe along largely low-lying land from the Route K roundabout to behind Tauriko township.’
    • ‘The public personas of some writers cut a wide swath through the publishing world.’
    • ‘While they can't be used when you're standing or running, once they've been set in place, they can cut a wide swath across a battlefield with the high rate of fire.’