Meaning of cut corners in English:

cut corners

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  • Do something perfunctorily so as to save time or money.

    ‘there is always a temptation to cut corners when time is short’
    • ‘His staff complains that he is cutting corners to save money by putting ordinary cream cheese in the tiramisu (an Italian dessert).’
    • ‘Is the employee rewarded for finding ways to save money by cutting corners?’
    • ‘If you try to save money up-front by cutting corners, it can end up costing you much more in the end.’
    • ‘But what they should be embarrassed about is how they continue to try to cut corners and skimp to save money.’
    • ‘They are only interested in cutting corners and making money.’
    • ‘Certainly it's better than earlier incarnations, relying on its Japanese origins and incorporating an anime style, but like most kid's cartoons, it constantly reuses footage and cuts corners to save on expenses.’
    • ‘People cut corners to save costs or because they feel immortal, or, because to some extent, being a reasonably young society, we take risks.’
    • ‘The bondbreaker is not the place to cut corners or save dollars.’
    • ‘And, after all, you may only be able to make that one trip of a lifetime so don't cut corners by trying to save on the essentials.’
    • ‘With no real checks on our work, the temptation was to cut corners, and this happened regularly.’
    skimp, economize
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