Meaning of cut it in English:

cut it


  • Come up to expectations; meet requirements.

    • ‘this CD player doesn't quite cut it’
    • ‘Talking with Kate the other week, I was saying I needed to get a mirror as the glass doors on my pantry weren't quite cutting it.’
    • ‘For years Leeds were the team who didn't quite cut it against the key rivals, Wigan and Bradford.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for him, he'll never know if he is made of the stuff required to cut it living offshore.’
    • ‘I always wanted to be part of a merciless crew, and the Rochester Massif never quite cut it.’
    • ‘Let's face it, for those who just want to feel the beat and rock and roll, the radio ain't cutting it either these days.’
    • ‘The pin cushions, flaming squirrels and dead virgins just aren't cutting it.’
    • ‘I know my thyroid needs to be tested as the current meds aren't cutting it.’
    • ‘The current pair isn't cutting it, a fact that contributed to the Pats' decision to draft Ben Watson.’
    • ‘A down-on-his-luck former thief is drawn back in when he just isn't cutting it in the straight life.’
    • ‘My girlfriends say not to sweat it, she'll have the baby soon enough, but that just isn't cutting it with me.’
    succeed, achieve success, be successful, be a success, do well, get ahead, reach the top, become famous, achieve recognition, distinguish oneself, set the world on fire


    Shortened form of the idiom cut the mustard.