Meaning of cut out in English:

cut out

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phrasal verb

  • 1(of a motor or engine) suddenly stop operating.

    ‘both the lifeboat's engines cut out at times as they hit the seabed’
    • ‘Dilger said that he could remember little of the accident, only that his engine had cut out and that the brakes had failed.’
    • ‘Most probably because of electrical problems, the engine then started cutting out.’
    • ‘Now, what happens when the engine cuts out at altitude?’
    • ‘When the vehicle comes to rest - at traffic lights, for instance - the engine cuts out.’
    • ‘He was almost a leg in front of the Listers when his engine cut out and he was left dead in the water.’
    • ‘Even though Ground wanted me to stay up, I knew I could not for long as the engines started cutting out rapidly from fuel starvation.’
    • ‘Witnesses told police they heard the plane in trouble with its engine spluttering and cutting out moments before the impact with the ground.’
    • ‘I'm afraid the engine just cuts out at a certain point.’
    • ‘The engine cuts out when you get inverted and the airplane is just not aerodynamically suited for that kind of maneuver.’
    • ‘The doodlebug's flaming engine cut out and it turned to glide in our direction.’
    stop working, cease to function, stop, fail, give out
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  • 2North American informal (of a person) leave quickly, especially so as to avoid a boring or awkward situation.

    • ‘she was working her way toward the door and when no one was watching, she cut out’
    • ‘Bush is cutting out of the summit early, and he's made clear that he expects us all to get along under an American vision of how we should go forward.’
    leave, depart, take one's leave, take oneself off, go away, go off, withdraw, absent oneself, say one's goodbyes, quit, make an exit, exit
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