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cut out

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phrasal verb

  • 1cut something out, cut out somethingRemove or make something by separating it from something larger with a sharp implement.

    ‘she cut his photograph out of the paper’
    • ‘I cut out some squares of paper’
    • ‘Draw a 4-inch square on the piece of paper, and cut it out.’
    • ‘The back panel was easier, since I will be making an acrylic motherboard tray with a square back panel, I just cut it out with my jigsaw.’
    • ‘Finally, the individual leaves would be cut out and then ready to hang from the classroom lights, or be displayed on the classroom windows.’
    • ‘The circles were cut out and placed one on top of one another.’
    • ‘‘Lettering and designs could be cut out instantly in self-adhesive vinyl,’ she said.’
    • ‘Only the outline has been cut out and then something happened, leaving the work forever undone.’
    • ‘I cut the separate stencils out and I was ready for action with just 4-5 colors of spray paint.’
  • 2cut something out, cut out somethingRemove, exclude, or stop eating or doing something.

    ‘start today by cutting out fatty foods’
    • ‘Why, you try cutting them out, stop eating them, avoiding temptation.’
    • ‘Cut down on sodium the week before, then cut it out entirely the last three days before the shoot.’
    • ‘The usual migraine triggers were cut out from Harriet's diet: chocolate, cheese, orange juice: but to no avail, says Nicky.’
    • ‘However, for most of us, with a little effort, and better public transport, many of those car journeys could be cut out.’
    • ‘Costly but ‘unnecessary’ house details were cut out after an exhaustive survey of what young house-hunters considered essential, as opposed to ideal.’
    • ‘The fear is that the grand achievement of two decades of democracy is only that the middleman was cut out and repression privatized.’
    • ‘"We're going to cut out spending on bureaucracy and abolish regional health authorities.’
    • ‘Best of all, you deal direct with the owners, cutting out the middlemen.’
    give up, refrain from, abstain from, go without, stop drinking, stop eating
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    1. 2.1cut someone out, cut out someoneExclude someone from something.
      ‘his mother cut him out of her will’
      • ‘He refused to provide his name but reassured me that Lara had been cut out of the film.’
      • ‘This photo may undercut her assertion that she was cut out of the loop.’
      • ‘Relationships between them are frosty, Morton claiming she was cut out of the promotional loop when they returned from America.’
      • ‘I do believe it because I think people are upset that he was cut out of that opportunity.’
      • ‘As you know, he's taken some lumps over the fact that he was cut out of that filibuster deal.’
      • ‘You can thank the Founding Fathers and their accursed, anti-democratic Electoral College system for cutting you out of the action.’
      • ‘Wang Din-shin asks the court to recognise a will written in 1968 naming him as sole executor and beneficiary, and cutting Nina out of the estate entirely.’
      • ‘Guys, I guess that, in the end, this cuts us out of the equation.’
      • ‘We had a good relationship, but since the break-up she has become very bitter, and she has decided to cut us out of her life.’
      • ‘In fact, leverage is the weapon we will use against the infidels, including Hollywood studio moguls who might try to cut us out of the action.’
      exclude, leave out, omit, eliminate
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    2. 2.2cut something out, cut out somethingNorth American Separate an animal from the main herd.
      ‘after the target animal is spotted, the pilot swoops down, cutting it out of the herd’
      • ‘Sneaking up on a huge animal, and cutting it out of a herd was always treacherous business.’
      • ‘Just as Diego almost cut the cow out of the herd it lashed out kicking furiously and howling.’
      • ‘I had been grinning all morning, especially when Mesa and I succeeded in cutting some difficult cows from the herd.’
      • ‘In the herd work, the horse cuts a cow from the herd and shows its ability to control it with little assistance from his rider.’
      • ‘The judges are looking for the rider to dart in decisively and cut a specific cow, but Joe is moving slowly.’
  • 3(of a motor or device) suddenly stop operating.

    ‘both the lifeboat's engines cut out at times as they hit the seabed’
    • ‘Dilger said that he could remember little of the accident, only that his engine had cut out and that the brakes had failed.’
    • ‘Most probably because of electrical problems, the engine then started cutting out.’
    • ‘Now, what happens when the engine cuts out at altitude?’
    • ‘When the vehicle comes to rest - at traffic lights, for instance - the engine cuts out.’
    • ‘He was almost a leg in front of the Listers when his engine cut out and he was left dead in the water.’
    • ‘Even though Ground wanted me to stay up, I knew I could not for long as the engines started cutting out rapidly from fuel starvation.’
    • ‘Witnesses told police they heard the plane in trouble with its engine spluttering and cutting out moments before the impact with the ground.’
    • ‘I'm afraid the engine just cuts out at a certain point.’
    • ‘The engine cuts out when you get inverted and the airplane is just not aerodynamically suited for that kind of maneuver.’
    • ‘The doodlebug's flaming engine cut out and it turned to glide in our direction.’
    stop working, cease to function, stop, fail, give out
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  • 4North American informal (of a person) leave quickly, especially so as to avoid a boring or awkward situation.

    • ‘she was working her way towards the door and when no one was watching, she cut out’
    • ‘Bush is cutting out of the summit early, and he's made clear that he expects us all to get along under an American vision of how we should go forward.’
    leave, depart, take one's leave, take oneself off, go away, go off, withdraw, absent oneself, say one's goodbyes, quit, make an exit, exit
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