Meaning of cut someone dead in English:

cut someone dead


  • Completely ignore someone.

    ‘where he used to cut them dead, he now helps them on with their coats’
    • ‘He figures she likes him too; she cuts him dead at school, ignoring him because she doesn't remember that he confessed to liking her.’
    • ‘But, let's be honest, when someone cuts you dead for no good reason and then they up and die shortly afterwards, suddenly and without warning, your immediate response to the news is liable to be, well, shall we say, underwhelming?’
    • ‘A number of his female stars complained that once the cameras stopped rolling he seemed to cut them dead, so much so that they were mystified when he subsequently offered them another film role.’
    • ‘Would she forget people's names, cut them dead when they try to speak, tell them off in public?’
    • ‘They assumed I was some loser and cut me dead.’
    • ‘For the rest of his long life people at scientific conferences would turn away from him, refuse his hand, cut him dead.’
    • ‘At their first meeting, however, the mayor cut her dead.’
    • ‘You think you can get away with cutting me dead in Bar Snug and making it obvious I'm used goods?’
    • ‘She immediately cut me dead and addressed her next remark exclusively to Don.’
    snub, ignore, shun, give someone the cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, turn one's back on, cut dead, look right through, pretend not to see