Meaning of cut someone some slack in English:

cut someone some slack


  • Allow someone some leeway in their conduct.

    • ‘the press is willing to cut the President some slack because they like him’
    • ‘Given that these folks have a cemetery in their backyard, however, I guess we can cut them some slack.’
    • ‘Should reporters cut General Clark some slack?’
    • ‘He adjusted my schedule and cut me some slack when I just wanted to enjoy a ride instead of a focused workout.’
    • ‘And remember to cut others slack if they make a bad impression on you.’
    • ‘As he is from Armagh originally I tend to cut him more slack than I think I should.’
    • ‘He sounds like an old guy, though, so if he calls back we'll cut him a little slack.’
    • ‘It's 25 pages long, so you'll need to cut yourself a little slack to do it.’
    • ‘And that's why Slashdot readers should cut him a little slack.’
    • ‘Now that I know Colorado Springs, in his district, is the home of the Dominionists, I feel I can cut some more slack for the guy.’
    • ‘Maybe this is what cutting yourself a little slack feels like.’