Meaning of cut someone to pieces in English:

cut someone to pieces


  • 1Kill or severely injure someone.

    ‘I was nearly cut to pieces by shrapnel’
    • ‘Near this spot my friend Kaveh was cut to pieces and killed by a landmine.’
    • ‘‘If it is fair for an Afghan to shoot down a British soldier and cut him to pieces as he lies wounded on the ground’, wrote one such officer, ‘why is it not fair for a British Artilleryman to fire a shell which makes the said native sneeze?’’
    • ‘Because even if they had been cut to pieces by American weaponry in the first seconds of the combat, as they were, you don't want to look like you're eager for war and bloodshed.’
    • ‘The crusaders, certain of victory, demanded an all-out attack and when it failed they were cut to pieces - it was a defeat on the scale of Hattin.’
    • ‘He was driving six horses and he had the reins wrapped around his hands and wrists, and he bounced off the wagon seat; he went back and forth under the wheels and they cut him to pieces.’
    1. 1.1Totally defeat someone.
      ‘we were cut to pieces by Rovers’
      • ‘It cuts him to pieces and I know he would love to swap places with me.’
      • ‘Do not play games with me, lovely, for my ferocious wit and cunning is sure to cut you to pieces!’
      • ‘If you play carelessly or without respect the open lines and quick development that White gets for his pawn will cut you to pieces.’