Meaning of cut something to the bone in English:

cut something to the bone


(also pare something to the bone)
  • Reduce something to the bare minimum.

    ‘costs will have to be cut to the bone’
    • ‘Transport manifesto commitments have been pared to the bone.’
    • ‘But, with hindsight, we can already see that the company achieved spectacular growth by cutting premiums to the bone, and possibly under-reserving.’
    • ‘So there is a war on, with each side cutting prices to the bone.’
    • ‘Many firms are unable to think beyond cutting costs to the bone.’
    • ‘We just managed to pay our way this year by cutting costs to the bone, but we will be in the red this year unless we do something about it.’
    • ‘All have cut their costs to the bone and many have diversified their businesses.’
    • ‘Most have cut their expenses to the bone and the consumers are not prepared to pass on the price increases.’
    • ‘As usual, we had cut our military to the bone and had a standing army of less than 200,000.’
    • ‘To prevent the crash he cut rates to the bone and allowed consumers to fill the gap left by the collapse in manufacturing in the US.’
    • ‘The concept is simple: cut operating costs to the bone and pass on the savings to customers.’
    • ‘They want to cut the service to the bone and cut the best fire service in the world.’
    • ‘The only way to make it viable was to cut it to the bone.’
    • ‘On top of this long-term drop, consumers indulged themselves in the occasional periods in which prices were cut to the bone to drive competitors out of business.’
    • ‘Exploration budgets were cut to the bone during the quiet years, and it takes upwards of seven years to bring a known deposit to production.’
    • ‘Education, training, and rehabilitation programs have been cut to the bone.’
    • ‘Health, education and welfare services have been cut to the bone to pay for the war and for huge financial incentives to investors.’
    • ‘However, premiums have been cut to the bone, and life companies are looking to improve their margins and profits.’
    • ‘Corporate planning, accounting, research, and technical staffs are cut to the bone, if not disbanded at corporate level.’
    • ‘Add to that the fact that labor has been cut to the bone.’
    • ‘By paring components to the bone, Martin showed that even the smallest urban space can be a haven of tranquillity.’