Meaning of cut the corner in English:

cut the corner


  • Take the shortest course by going across and not around a corner.

    ‘Engineers and boffins have been trying to negotiate traffic flow at intersections for a hundred years - traffic lights, give way signs, those metal axle breakers that stop you from cutting the corner if you see it in time.’
    • ‘The built-out kerb encourages downhill vehicles towards the middle of the road, and sooner or later that will coincide with a vehicle in the opposite direction cutting the corner.’
    • ‘‘People are cutting the corner to avoid the cars parked right up to it,’ he said.’
    • ‘In each case the motorist was cutting the corner in an attempt to get to Gatton Point in front of those using Battle Bridge Lane.’
    • ‘Have you noticed that the back wheels of all vehicles (except railway trains) tend to want to cut the corner as they follow the front wheels around the curve?’
    • ‘A car coming out of Byron Road would not be able to see what is coming the other way because of the huge tree there, and cars coming in the opposite direction tend to cut the corner because there are no road markings.’
    • ‘They were going south and they just cut the corner slightly, hitting a lorry.’
    • ‘This requires a long tee shot but big hitters are able to cut the corner.’
    • ‘This plan involved leaving the safety of the river, but cutting the corner would be quicker.’
    • ‘I cut the corner and skirt ahead for good camera angles, in and out of a small cave then deeper, round the south end of the reef.’