Meaning of cut the mustard in English:

cut the mustard


  • Come up to expectations; reach the required standard.

    • ‘I didn't cut the mustard as a hockey player’
    • ‘It seems pastel-coloured headlines about the perfect cheesecake no longer cut the mustard, and that ‘homemakers’ are better catered to by other publications.’
    • ‘Although she believes its cutting the mustard with fewer and fewer in a media that increasingly feels it's been fed one too many ‘historic’ lines by the party.’
    • ‘Please allow us some period of adjustment and development, and then, if we are not cutting the mustard, fine, you can dole out pelters.’
    • ‘The ten cent words you've crammed into the slightly tightened blurb, the idea being that they would make you appear genteel and smart, don't cut the mustard.’
    • ‘Banks's main contenders don't cut the mustard.’
    • ‘Ponder for a moment the choice confronting Hopkins - the challenge which confronts every successful small town boy wondering if he can cut the mustard in the big arena.’
    • ‘Since the song has cut the mustard with listeners in Europe and Latin America, the sisters hope the United States will relish it, too.’
    • ‘Domestic ovens just don't cut the mustard (no pun intended).’
    • ‘Somehow, though, this doesn't seem to cut the mustard.’
    • ‘The spaghetti carbonara with quail's eggs doesn't cut the mustard either, as it's missing the necessary pepper.’
    comply with, meet, fulfil, answer, conform to