Meaning of cutely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkjuːtli/

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‘The two girls were fair, round-faced, bare-legged and smiling cutely, the boys (her youngest brother still a baby) darker and grinning.’
  • ‘Shia LaBeouf plays Stanley Yelnats, a boy with a cutely palindromic name sent to a bizarrely tough reformatory called Camp Green Lake, after being wrongly convicted of stealing a pair of sneakers.’
  • ‘Most Crikey readers would have seen the 7: 30 Report last night on what it so cutely called ‘targeted largesse’.’
  • ‘Maybe I was just better caffeinated than you, but I found the import of the story pretty clear, and it bore little relation to the version you so cutely satirized.’
  • ‘Though such posts are cutely endearing, their appeal doesn't entirely outweigh the cheesecake pictures of bikini-clad women that litter the site.’
  • ‘One idea is for a cutely named five-frog tax system, which would actually deliver rebates to those who conserved the environment, and taxed those who didn't.’
  • ‘We gave her samples of a couple of different frappuccinos, and chatted her and her mother up while she politely and cutely jumped around trying to make up her mind about what she wanted.’
  • ‘On the down side, every fifth stall has a spaced-out looking granddad of the love generation selling cutely cloying portrayals of gnomes, wood spirits or elves.’
  • ‘He disembarks and smiles so cutely at me, conveying both graciousness and modesty (OK, it was a dream).’
  • ‘Intentionally bred and cutely named, today's special-order mixes have new found status - and a purebred price tag.’
  • ‘So, I show up in my cutely cropped jeans and my light blue trendy tie-dyed preggers tunic all ready to get sauce all over my face.’
  • ‘The sun has been drifting in and out, baby clothes have been fluttering cutely on the washing line, all the garden toys have been brought out of their winter storage.’
  • ‘They're painful and playful at once, a hard trick to pull off without coming off as cutely self-effacing.’
  • ‘We can all agree that no one, male or female, looks cutely sexy in Fruit of the Looms, can't we?’
  • ‘Lining the streets are a variety of mismatched buildings, some cutely painted, others less so.’
  • ‘The cutely dressed children may look angelic, but they're definitely kids of the modern age.’
  • ‘This title cutely captures the magic of the movies while doing justice to the fun of Lego.’
  • ‘One guy is tall, square jawed with even features and a full head of cutely tousled hair.’
  • ‘The Shyonite woman, who was considerably older than her husband (though she looked no older than twenty), pouted cutely and hugged him tight.’
  • ‘Yuki cocked her head cutely to one side with a miniature question mark blinking about her face.’