Meaning of cutlet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌtlɪt/

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  • 1A portion of meat, usually served grilled or fried and often covered in breadcrumbs.

    ‘a pork cutlet’
    • ‘A main course is traditionally composed of boiled potatoes, boiled vegetables such as green beans and cauliflower, and fried meat such as meat balls, cutlets, or roast pork served with brown gravy.’
    • ‘If you only eat tempura and fried pork cutlet, that can be bad.’
    • ‘My favourite luxury dish would be a pork cutlet with olives, dates and fennel that I serve in my restaurant.’
    • ‘The katsudon is a deep-fried and breaded pork cutlet served with a sauce that has a dark, rich flavour somewhat like a tangier steak sauce.’
    • ‘Kangaroo was on the menu in one restaurant, ostrich in another and, wait for it, another was serving cutlets of crocodile.’
    • ‘My chicken cutlets are made with bread crumbs, garlic, Romano cheese and basil and dipped in egg batter.’
    • ‘Many of the dishes originate well west of the Caucasus, with German sausages, Austrian pork cutlets and Italian pastas just a few of the non-Russian dishes on offer.’
    • ‘Table 19 were waiting for their main course; pork cutlets in a special sauce served with vegetables in season.’
    • ‘Mix well together bread crumbs, herbs, parsley, shallot, lemon-peel, and seasoning in the above proportion, and cover the cutlets with these ingredients.’
    • ‘Here in Montreal the more health-conscious butchers have been selling ostrich in marinated brochettes, sausages and cutlets for years.’
    • ‘The pork cutlets also looked good, although the shashlik I ordered was strangely cold.’
    • ‘I wanted some pork cutlets with a mushroom sauce; tartar made from white fish for 5.50 leva, chicken Roulade and Shashlick from lamb meat at 7.90 leva.’
    • ‘The meat of this clam is often sliced into cutlets and fried while the siphon is often skinned and then ground in a food processor or chopper and used in chowders.’
    • ‘Pork cutlets may have killed Mozart… another good reason to be vegetarian!’
    • ‘I am bracing myself to hear about his chili or chicken cutlets.’
    • ‘To serve, divide mushroom-sauce mixture evenly over turkey cutlets.’
    • ‘So, without preconceptions, this is a brisk, well-balanced, fruit forward, but still avowedly savoury wine, that would be a piquant pairing with the crisp, dry snap of well grilled salmon cutlets - a texture lost in pan frying.’
    • ‘My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw that dinner for the evening was to consist of rough hewn pork, corn on the cob, a messy cabbage-type salad and what I presumed were beef cutlets.’
    • ‘The meal was light: a marinated venison cutlet with potato slices and a single glass of wine.’
    • ‘When the Moscow pork cutlet my friend had ordered eventually arrived it resembled a huge chicken Kiev on a bed of vegetables.’
    1. 1.1British A lamb or veal chop from just behind the neck.
      ‘lamb cutlets’
      • ‘I now realise that I should have chosen one of the four steaks, the lamb cutlets or the veal T-bone.’
      • ‘If you're looking to get a little fancier, try the pork chop or the lamb cutlets.’
      • ‘Allow 2 to 3 lamb cutlets per person; season with a little pepper.’
      • ‘It is almost as if, by buying these innocent, bloodless lamb cutlets, we feel able to rise from the table guilt-free.’
      • ‘The Queen apparently favours plain food, such as lamb cutlets or roast beef, with bread-and-butter pudding or ice-cream to follow.’
      • ‘I can honestly say that I have never had more unpalatable lamb cutlets in my life.’
      • ‘They'd use cheap neck and leg cuts but not the most amazing lamb cutlets.’
      • ‘Alternatively, you could use a couple of grilled lamb cutlets or you could roast a rack of lamb and cut the cutlets from the rack.’
      • ‘I just want simple ideas that will provide a perfect accompaniment for a juicy seared steak or trio of lamb cutlets.’
      • ‘My grilled lamb cutlets were expertly cooked and neatly complemented by a mustard herb crust, but the dauphinoise potatoes tasted strangely synthetic and were free of either cheese or cream.’
      • ‘Over the next two hours we feast on goose-liver pate, Beluga caviar, smoked salmon, chicken and sherry consommé, lamb cutlets, goat's cheese and walnut souffle.’
      • ‘Four delicate lamb cutlets are positioned beside a galette that is as light as air and delicious.’
      • ‘We'll both have the melon for starters and the lamb cutlets for mains.’
      • ‘Among the tasty treats this year are parsley, mint and macadamia crusted lamb cutlets with coriander pesto, BBQ beef and sweet potato with garlic and thyme dressing, and lavender meringue - just to name a few!’
      • ‘These are followed by seven charcoal grill items including Australian steak and NZ lamb cutlets.’
      • ‘At grown-up dinner parties, my mother favoured crown of lamb, the cutlets primly decorated with little paper coronets.’
      • ‘This unctuous purée is good served with barbecued lamb cutlets and a green salad, or with cold corned beef or ham.’
      • ‘Inside the ball we were served filet mignon and veal cutlets in the shape of the state of Texas.’
      • ‘This consists of rump steak, sausage, gammon steak, lamb cutlet, two eggs and tomato, and the price is £4.99.’
      • ‘The rack of lamb, which I had at a subsequent visit, was four reasonable cutlets, again pink and tender, with a pleasant flavour imparted by the honey and mustard crust.’
    2. 1.2A flat croquette of minced meat, nuts, or pulses, typically covered in breadcrumbs and shaped like a veal chop.
      ‘nut cutlets’
      • ‘Leftovers from roast dinners could be used up, cold with relishes or made into pies or minced into cutlets and meatballs.’
      • ‘Non-veg varieties like kebabs, tikkas, chops and meat-filled cutlets have a huge fan following.’
      • ‘On a more negative note, Russian cuisine leaves a lot to be desired - cabbage soup, carrot cutlets, disgusting desserts etc.’
      • ‘The second dish was banana shrimp cutlets, followed by a Thai-styled pineapple chicken displayed inside a hollowed-out pineapple.’
      • ‘Gone are the days when chestnut cutlets or Brussels sprout pie were the only options for vegetarians at Christmas dinner.’
      • ‘Lunch is a hot meal, with soup, potatoes, macaroni, rice or buckwheat kasha, ground meat cutlets, and peas or grated cabbage.’
      • ‘And a nut cutlet need never even pass your lips.’
      • ‘Sounds like the part-time vegetarians have been hasty in giving up their nut cutlets.’


Early 18th century from French côtelette, earlier costelette, diminutive of coste ‘rib’, from Latin costa.