Meaning of cuttlebone in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌtlbəʊn/

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  • The flattened oval internal skeleton of the cuttlefish, which is made of white lightweight chalky material. It is used as a dietary supplement for cage birds and for making casts for precious metal items.

    ‘parakeets require only a cuttlebone to hone their beaks’
    • ‘cuttlebone has long been used for casting pieces of jewellery’
    • ‘Almost any bird needs a cuttlebone or mineral equivalent to keep their bones healthy and beaks sharp.’
    • ‘Another item that should be kept in your parakeet's cage is either a cuttlebone or a mineral block.’
    • ‘Both groups had access to cuttlebone and fresh water ad libitum.’
    • ‘Fresh drinking water, oystershell grit, and cuttlebone were available ad libitum.’
    • ‘The bird should also be provided with fresh cuttlebone and fresh water.’