Meaning of cutty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌti/


Scottish, Northern English
  • Short or shortened.

    ‘they carried wee cutty ladders’
    • ‘Moments later I extracted myself from the middle of a huge clump of cutty grass.’
    • ‘By the cutty bit was a little symbol in a circle of a cartoon hand with a line through it.’
    • ‘She tore the costume off and she was now wearing white leather pants and a cutty shirt.’


  • 1Scottish, Northern English A short tobacco pipe.

    tobacco pipe, briar, briar pipe, meerschaum, clay pipe
  • 2Scottish, Northern Irish A girl or young woman.

    ‘she's a spoiled wee cutty’
    • ‘Cutties are being added to the fantastic game of cricket.’
    • ‘Victor met a lot of cutties in his time.’
    • ‘Bed was where we spent a fair bit of our time when we weren't at college or chasing young cutties around the Belfast dance-halls.’
    • ‘Aileen is a composite of "quite a few young cutties" who turned his head.’
    • ‘"Are you for hiring, wee cutty?" the farmers would say.’