Meaning of cwtch in English:


Pronunciation /kʊtʃ/


  • 1A cupboard or cubbyhole.

    ‘To have a cwtch, to tell the dog to go somewhere, you know, it must mean as a safe, a safe place.’
    • ‘My dad has memories of buying potatoes by the hundredweight in autumn and storing then in the outside cwtch and then eating them until spring when he was young.’
    • ‘There was also the coal cwtch, which was the shed you kept the coal in.’
    • ‘It's in the cwtch.’
  • 2A cuddle or hug.

    ‘He gives the best cwtches in the world, and knows how to make me smile.’
    • ‘A cwtch is more like the kind of cuddle you get when you are still a bach, and you are cwtched up with your Mam; and her shawl is wrapped around both you and her.’


Welsh, from cwts, related to couch.