Meaning of cyanoacrylate in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsʌɪənəʊˈakrɪleɪt/


  • Any of a class of compounds which are cyanide derivatives of acrylates. They are easily polymerized and are used to make quick-setting adhesives.

    ‘This adhesive is based on cyanoacrylates which spontaneously polymerizes in moist air.’
    • ‘For opaque hubs, choices range from quick-bonding adhesives such as cyanoacrylates to epoxy systems.’
    • ‘According to the company, cyanoacrylates are reactive monomer liquids that become polymer films when they react to moisture or certain chemicals.’
    • ‘Finished parts can be dipped in wax; sanded, finished, and painted; or infiltrated with another material, such as an elastomer, urethane, cyanoacrylate, or wax.’
    • ‘Where the digital model indicates a solid, the printer, using a modified inkjet printer cartridge, injects the binder cyanoacrylate.’