Meaning of cyanobacterial in English:




See Cyanobacteria

‘Although providing valuable information on the relationship between structure and function, engineering cyanobacterial and algal Rubiscos has so far failed to produce an enzyme even ‘as good’ as those already found in crop plants.’
  • ‘The reversible mononer - dimer organization of PSII in the photoinhibition repair cycle has been more straightforward to assess in studies of cyanobacterial thylakoid membranes without any lateral heterogeneity.’
  • ‘For the cyanobacterial sectors, reactivation occurred only after rain although apparently higher WC maintained NP for longer in these sectors.’
  • ‘Martin and colleagues have compared 24 990 proteins encoded in the Arabidopsis genome with three cyanobacterial genomes, the yeast genome, and 16 reference genomes from prokaryotes.’
  • ‘Light energy is required to power cyanobacterial photosynthesis, however, sediment particles tend to wash onto the surface of the stromatolite, gradually blocking the light and decreasing the light energy available.’