Meaning of cyanotype in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪənə(ʊ)tʌɪp/


  • A photographic blueprint.

    ‘‘Ocean Flowers’ featured a compelling selection of drawings, watercolors, cyanotypes, photogenic drawings, and prints of seashells, feathers and plants, primarily from England, Scotland and India.’
    • ‘ has all about cyanotypes and other ‘alternative’ types of photography and/or photo development.’
    • ‘Along with Sir John Herschel, she was one of the rare users of cyanotypes, in which the picture appeared as an architectural blueprint, thus making it unsuitable for portraits.’
    • ‘The resulting contact prints shown here are, with one exception, not the cyanotypes and calotypes of the self-portraits.’
    • ‘It's a massive thing, taking up two galleries with 36 works ranging from videos and photography to some paintings, some sculptural object thingamajigs and a couple of lovely cyanotypes.’
    • ‘For cyanotypes, paper is coated with an iron salts solution (rather than silver compounds) to produce a light-sensitive substrate.’
    • ‘The artist's poetic utilization of cyanotype lends the work visual mystery and nuance.’
    • ‘Herbaceous Blanket explores the technique of cyanotype and calligraphy and is used to great effect alongside mixed media and rich colours.’