Meaning of cyberattack in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪbərətak/

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  • An attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system.

    ‘As the complexity of both networks and systems increases, cyberattacks, in parallel, are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect.’
    • ‘The system sends e-mails with information about cyberattacks.’
    • ‘Lines connect countries to Washington, D.C. Each line indicates a cyberattack on a House system that is presently occurring.’
    • ‘And they're pushing for greater leeway in launching cyberattacks against computers illegally transmitting copyrighted files.’
    • ‘Increasingly, the perpetrators of cyberattacks are not computer professionals.’
    • ‘Not everyone finds this approach satisfactory, but the industries themselves have a strong business incentive to protect their systems from physical attacks and cyberattacks.’
    • ‘How vulnerable these systems really are to a cyberattack is the subject of much debate.’
    • ‘The free upgrade is designed to make users safer from cyberattacks by sealing entries to viruses, better protecting personal data and fending off spyware.’
    • ‘And, how does the concept of collateral damage apply to cyberattacks?’
    • ‘What happens when terrorists realize that they can do more damage with a cyberattack than with an explosion?’
    • ‘Each of the events depicted has happened (though not concurrently); some resulted from government-sponsored exercises, some from technical failures and some from actual cyberattacks.’
    • ‘Concerns for privacy of information, protection against cyberattacks, cybertheft and the safeguarding of proprietary information have shifted the focus of technology spending to these areas.’
    • ‘With pressure from insurers, regulators and boards, frequency of cyberattacks and a raised bar on risk management, I think we're beyond having to justify an inventory of security policies.’
    • ‘One of the large problems that besets the information security practice is an understandable reticence among the victims of cyberattacks to come forward and share the experience with the rest of us.’
    • ‘I'm not saying that software manufacturers deserve 100 percent of the liability for losses from cyberattacks.’
    • ‘First, the use of cyberattacks as an amplifier in a hard terror attack is a real concern.’
    • ‘How prepared are you - or your company - for such a cyberattack?’
    • ‘Ninety percent of its damage was done in the first 10 minutes, making it, at that time, the fastest cyberattack in history.’
    • ‘You simply can't protect an entire company against every type of cyberattack.’
    • ‘How long does it take to recover a critical business process lost to a natural disaster or cyberattack?’